Go to the Water

This card came to me during one of my Journeys while away at my Monthly Shamanic Weekend…

I have been solely using his deck for my personal readings this month to get to know it better.  Also I have been doing this journaling practice highlighting the cards daily and letting whatever message comes up maybe for me …OR just a general reading.   This one is for me…  The energy of this deck reaches deep within.  It is very grounding.   

I may not get to post every day on this weekend due to being away, but I am going to try to keep posting!  
Guided by Spirit… 

To a place I can nourish mind, body & Soul.

A reservoir holding all the answers I need. 

Will I get the answers there?  Have I made a mistake?  Am I on the right path?  

He tells me … Just grab the twisting vine and HANG ON…Follow me!   This is only the beginning…of the journey.  

Trust your inner guidance…

Go to the water…

Fill yourself up…


Journey 1 / Month 5 

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