Writing this today as Hurricane Irma is raging in Florida… I discussed this on my You Tube Channel kerry wanamaker on YouTube

I pulled 3 cards around this energy for those in the path of Irma…Pretty clear message on the resiliency of people and Earth itself.

As people are gathered to shelter and draw as many resources together as possible…there are things that can wait…things that need to be left behind.  Material things we put value on yesterday…suddenly don’t matter…

Life matters. 

Just as Nature comes in and shows its power….its gentle side will always show up again.  Flowers and trees will grow again… people and animals will return to their homes…People will care for neighbors and strangers… at least for now.   Things will be repaired and rebuilt.   There will be scars from a storm like this… Those that live on will tell their story of resilience…for generations.

The butterfly was amazing to get in this little reading…The Greek word for soul is psyche and I read that Aristotle named the butterfly “psyche” with the same word…soul.

May all those Souls in the path and the aftermath of Irma be protected…


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